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Welcome to Aman Lil Afia Clinic: The space where healing begins

Aman Lil Afia Clinic is a specialized mental health clinic based in Dubai, UAE. We believe that true wellness encompasses both the mind and body, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional mental health care that empowers individuals to embrace life to the fullest. Our mission is clear: to deliver outstanding and confidential behavioral and mental health care services while actively working to reduce the societal stigma that often surrounds mental health.

Our Vision: Healing, Growth, Resilience

Step into an environment that's designed to foster healing, growth, and resilience. Our vision is to create a safe space where individuals from all walks of life can find solace, acceptance, and unwavering support.

Unwavering Accountability

Transparency, integrity, and responsibility define our commitment to you. We take
accountability seriously, ensuring that your journey towards wellbeing is supported by
unwavering honesty and trustworthiness.

Rooted in Values

Compassion lies at the heart of our practice. We offer empathy, understanding, and kindness to everyone who seeks our care. Diversity and inclusion are essential to us. We cultivate an environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities can thrive.

Collaboration for Holistic Wellbeing

We know that true healing requires a comprehensive approach. That's why we embrace collaboration through interdisciplinary teamwork to provide you with holistic care. Our team of experts, including psychologists, counselors, physiotherapists, life coaches, and more, work together to create personalized treatment plans that address your unique needs.

Comprehensive Services for All Ages

Our clinic is here to guide you through every stage of life, offering a wide range of services tailored to various age groups and encompassing mental health care and medical center services. From children to older adults, we are here to support you or a loved one; we're at the center of your community providing the care you need.

Specialist Expertise

Our services cover an extensive range of treatments, including Mental Wellbeing Services like Psychology and Counseling. Additionally, our Rehabilitation Services encompass Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy. We're here to provide care when it is most needed, with Multidisciplinary Treatment Programs for conditions such as Eating Disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Addiction, Grief Disorders and Mood Disorders.

Your Journey Starts Here

Join us in your journey towards holistic wellbeing. At Aman Lil Afia, we're more than a mental health clinic in Dubai – we're your partners in healing, growth, and resilience. 
Contact us to schedule your appointment.

Meet the team

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    Mental Wellbeing

    Hind Alrustamani

    CDA Approved Professional

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    Dr. Moujahed Hammami

    Medical Director / Consultant OB/GYN

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    Mental Wellbeing

    Dr. Sarah Almarzooqi

    Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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    General Medicine

    Dr Yahya Hamdan

    General Practitioner

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    General Medicine

    Dr. Hend Makky

    General Practitioner

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    Mental Wellbeing

    Dana Berri

    CDA Licensed Psychologist

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    Speech Therapy

    Afreen Najeeb Chelakoden

    Speech Therapist

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    Laiba Ashfaq


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    Psychomotor Therapy

    Liliane Kantar

    Psychomotor Therapist

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    Tala Mustafa

    Clinical Dietitian

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    Occupational Therapy

    Stephanie Maatouk

    Occupational Therapist

Our Privacy

We Value Your Privacy

Our Commitment to Confidentiality

At Aman Lil Afia Clinic, we prioritize your privacy on your path to mental wellbeing. Seeking support for your mental health takes courage, and we're here to offer exceptional care while ensuring your confidentiality.

Confidentiality is more than just a policy to us; it's a core principle woven into every aspect of our practice. We've built an environment where you can openly express yourself, free of worries. Here's how we maintain strict confidentiality.

Our privacy policies follow the highest legal and ethical standards, including compliance with HIPAA and UAE regulations. All team members, from therapists to support staff, sign confidentiality agreements, outlining guidelines and consequences for breaches. Your information is treated as protected health information, stored securely and accessible only to authorized personnel through encrypted systems. Access to client information is strictly managed. Your trust is paramount to us.

Choose us for a secure space to embark on your wellbeing journey.

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